Welcome to A Little Blog

Jesus is Lord.

He is the boss of absolutely everything. Right now.

When Jesus Christ rose from the grave, he ascended to heaven and then sat down at the right hand of the Father (Mark 16:19) and everything has been placed under his authority (1 Peter 3:22, Matthew 28:18).

When a person becomes a Christian, they are not making Jesus the Lord of their life. They are willingly submitting to his rule. They are acknowledging his authority over their life.

Jesus’ authority and rule is not like the rule of a king or a politician. For the most part, what you and I do in our daily lives is not the concern of our nation’s rulers. Apart from paying taxes and not breaking their laws, the civil government is not worried about your life.

The government does not care about what you think. The prime minister will not interfere with how you spend your free time. A king has no interest in what you say to your wife or your kids.

Jesus does care. He lays out his vision for his kingdom in The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). He tells his followers that he doesn’t think it’s enough to just not kill people – he requires them to not be angry without a cause (Matthew 7:21-26). Jesus doesn’t think it’s enough to just not sleep with another man’s wife – he requires total sexual purity in your actions, certainly, but also in your thoughts (Matthew 5:27-28).

Jesus cares if you worry, he places demands on your emotions, he has requirements for the whole of your being and the whole of your life. There is no part of your life that Jesus does not declare his Lordship over. He requires your obedience everywhere.

The Gospel is not that if you obey Jesus commands then you will be saved. That would not be good news at all.

The Gospel is that Jesus has conquered sin and death through his life, death and resurrection. From this position of victory, Jesus offers freedom to all who are slaves of sin. He offers pardon to all those who are condemned to death for their treason against Almighty God. All you need to do to be forgiven, freed and pardoned is to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. All you need to do is empty your hands of anything you might want to bring to God as payment for your debt and instead come to God pointing to Jesus Christ as the only reason that you should be accepted.

But this forgiveness comes hand-in-hand with repentance. One of the requirements is that you turn from living for your own desires and seek to live as an obedient citizen in the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Living faithfully and obediently are not the foundations for your forgiveness – Jesus blood and righteousness are the only foundations for salvation -, but if you’re not seeking to live faithfully, then you have not been saved (Matthew 7:15-23).

Which brings me to the topic of A Little Blog on the Christian Life.

A Christian ought to be seeking to obey Jesus’ every command, and Jesus’ commands touch every area of life. As a result, I want to think and write about how to obey Christ in the everyday. The boring, mundane, standard experiences of life – as well as the rarer exciting parts of life.

I pray my blog will be useful as you seek to submit your life to the Lordship of Christ as well.

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