Save the Babies

Somewhere between 60,000[1] and 80,000[2] babies are killed in Australia every single year.

That’s about 1 baby every 10 minutes.

Christians should be in outrage about this atrocity. But so often we aren’t.

In Australia it is hard to act against abortion. We aren’t allowed near abortion clinics. Lots of abortions happen in hospitals. Many abortions these days are medical abortions before 9 weeks. This is where the mother takes a pill which reduces the hormone progesterone which is necessary for sustaining the baby in the early stages of pregnancy[3].

In a recent interview with Evangelicals for Life, MP Bernie Finn gave his advice regarding one step we can take to end abortion.

“If every Christian was to do what they are supposed to do, we would stop abortion tomorrow. No more babies would be killed.” Bernie continued: “If everybody said that same thing [to politicians]: if you keep the killing going, then we are coming to get you at the polls. Then they [politicians] would act, because they act in self-interest everytime.”

This interview convicted me. I certainly haven’t been doing enough to help stop abortion in Australia. There are several actions we can take to end abortion:

  • Pray that God would bring about the end of abortion
  • Get involved in pregnancy help centers like Hope House
  • Write to your local MP regularly (via email, or, even better, by physical letter)
  • Seek to get a meeting with your local MP to explain your position on abortion
  • Turn up to pro-life rallies like March For Life

One that I would like to seek to do more is to write to my local MP as Bernie Finn suggested.

I would like to encourage you to join me in contacting your local MP. To that end, I will be publishing my letters to my MP. Please feel free to copy and send to your local MP.

May the Lord raise up His people to pray and act to see abortion ended in Australia.




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