Abortion Should Be Illegal

Dear MP,

I am writing to express my deep concern that abortion continues to be legal in New South Wales.

As a tax-paying, voting citizen of this state, it pains me that I am complicit in the murder of thousands of innocent babies each year through my taxes (as abortion is tax-funded) and through the fact that I am a voter in this democracy.

God is clear about this issue. Abortion is murder which is a grevious sin. I urge you to reject this evil practice for your own sake as you will one day stand before God as your judge.

“You shall not murder”

Exodus 20:13

The science is clear. Babies are human at conception and so the only difference between abortion and murder is one of location and time. It is morally wrong and illegal to kill a 4 year-old outside the womb. It is wicked and unlawful to kill a 6 month-old outside the womb. And yet, for some reason, it is legal in NSW to kill a child in the womb. This makes no sense and is a great evil.

Future generations will look back on those who did not stand against abortion and be horrified, just as we look back at those who did not stand against the holocaust and consider them to be morally corrupt.


Thomas Eglinton

Please feel free to copy this letter for sending to your local MP. You can find your local MP contact details here for NSW and here for the Federal Government.

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