Babies Born Alive Are Worth Saving, But Babies in the Womb Are Not?

Dear MP,

The Abortion Law Reform Act 2019 states that “the duty owed by a registered health practitioner to provide medical care and treatment to a person born as a result of a termination is no different than the duty owed to provide medical care and treatment to a person born other than as a result of a termination.”

It is clear from this section of the Act that once a baby is delivered alive from a botched abortion his/her life is considered under legal protection. There is a duty for the health practitioner who is attempting to kill the baby in the womb to care for the baby if they fail to end its life in utero. This baby who has fortunately escaped death is now under legal protection because he/she is now located 6-inches away from where he/she was before.

The Abortion Law Reform 2019 Act therefore recognises that a baby’s life should be protected. Can you please explain to me the difference between a baby in the womb and a baby out of the womb?

Why should we as a society consider it morally acceptable and legal to kill a baby when it is safe in its mother’s womb but morally unacceptable and illegal to deny that same baby medical care if it is no longer in the mother’s womb?

To be clear, I do not think we should allow babies born alive to be killed or denied appropriate health care. I am calling on you instead to stand up for the rights of the baby inside the womb and give that baby the same level of legal protection as the Abortion Law Reform 2019 Act gives to babies born alive.


Thomas Eglinton

Please feel free to copy this letter for sending to your local MP. You can find your local MP contact details here for NSW and here for the Federal Government.

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